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Carefully Recruitment Services Ltd is an international recruitment company expert in all study abroad processing from university application to obtaining visa.

 Our team of experts provide students with support every step of the way, including reviewing their applications, ensuring all documents are submitted, communicating with the institutions, assisting with the visa process, and helping them start their journey abroad!

Our assistance is endless: We provide free advice and consultation before application and prior to starting your journey abroad!

Our services will leave you speechless: We are reachable on all social media platforms including Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook.

Carefully Recruitment works with educational institutions and partners across the world, this means that we will guide and advise you on your preferred courses while ensuring that students are not only qualified but also that applications adhere strictly to the school’s policies and guidelines.

We have several years of experience in guiding and consulting students who wish to build an ultimate career abroad. We have successfully guided hundreds of students and helped them to build their careers abroad. Start your journey with us today, starting with a free 1-on-1 consultation.


To ensure unique services to satisfy the clients based on their needs as well as following the sustainable business policy. Our mission is not to be the biggest of all; we rather strive to unveil best possible means of this world of greater potentiality. Our personalized and customized services are second to none in order to provide genuine guidance who wish to study abroad.

  • Assist students by providing authentic information about the education system and procedure in the destination countries.
  • Nurture talent and encourage personal achievement.
  • Support students to keep a balance with the diverse and rapidly changing educational environment.
  • Assist the international students to reach their goal upon “Immigration and Migration” matters.
  • Honesty
  • commitment 
  • Transparency
  • Value Addition 

Our Vision is always to provide best services to the students and help our students succeeding in their studies and future career.

Our Team

Emmanuel Fayemi(Dr)


Adetunji Mary(PHD)


Chloe Phillips


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